A BHAG (pronounced bee-hag) needs to resonate with the heart and soul of the employee. While “make $1 million in profit” is an admirable goal, it doesn’t necessarily excite the average employee. However, a goal like “put a person on Mars” may grab their attention, and they’ll want to work on that groundbreaking project. There are some things that are important to do to create your own BHAG and make sure you achieve it. If you want to put your competition way behind you, then you need to incorporate a BHAG in your life. By incorporating these elements, you’ll set a BHAG that’s not just big and hairy, but truly audacious.

  1. Since publishing the book, Collins expounded on the concept of a BHAG by laying out criteria for creating one.
  2. For example, your BHAG can target your company’s worth to become $1 million.
  3. Nonetheless, if done correctly, it could lead to a dramatic transformation in the organization’s fortunes.
  4. Writing a mission statement is one of the most important things you can do for your company.
  5. Target-based goal-setting is incredibly important as it provides a definite endpoint and a direct way to measure progress.

Progress towards a BHAG can be measured using key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with the goal. These KPIs should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they accurately reflect the company’s progress. Yes, a BHAG can change over time as the company evolves and its vision for the future changes. However, it should not be a moving target that changes frequently. A good BHAG is designed to last for a long time, typically 10 to 25 years. If you’re an entrepreneur, then you’re no stranger to BHAGs, as getting a business off the ground is already a BHAG in itself.

It should feel intimidating, perhaps slightly impossible, but still achievable if the company puts forth its best efforts. Goal-setting has long been a crucial cornerstone for product managers. However, it’s often challenging to unite all employees under a shared vision for the future. While there are various approaches to motivating your employees, one framework may be your best bet for encouraging your team to give their best effort. Hedgehogs are simple creatures that understand what they do best and are laser-focused on doing that one thing.

In 2008, Mark Zuckerberg set the ambitious goal of reaching 1 billion active users globally by 2012. By utilizing innovative technology and targeted marketing strategies, Facebook successfully achieved this goal two years ahead of schedule. This has enabled them to continue to expand with even more advanced product features and attract billions more users worldwide, contributing to unwavering brand loyalty amongst customers. “[…] a true BHAG is clear and compelling and serves as a unifying focal point of effort—often creating immense team spirit. A BHAG business goes beyond the confines of conventional short-term planning. It’s a commitment to a journey, moving your company out of its comfort zone and into the realms of extraordinary achievement.

Understand its long-term nature

Internal transformation BHAGs involve pivoting the business’ strategy to reach higher success. This type of BHAG requires significant planning, foresight, and a clear understanding of your vision and goals. BHAGs tend to be broad, stretch goals that push employees to think big and challenge them out of their comfort zone.

You will set up a standard for your company, thanks to BHAGs. If you are a newly established company, you will have role models. You set your sight on another company, and you claim that you will surpass them eventually. Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras define such situations as David vs. The Goliath. After reading this article Bigfoot will not be the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody says big, hairy, and audacious. And this hard work led to the creation of iconic products, collaborations with sports legends, and memorable advertisements.

In that case, you can start by brainstorming aspirational, bold, and compelling ideas and then work to break the goal down into manageable achievable steps over time. Like the moon mission, a true BHAG is clear and compelling and serves as a unifying focal point of effort—often creating immense team spirit. It has a clear finish line, so the organization can know when it has achieved the goal; people like to shoot for finish lines. A BHAG engages people—it reaches out and grabs them in the gut.

What are the 4 categories of BHAG?

Our simple system of AI-powered software, coaching, and methodology is built for growing companies to successfully execute strategic plans quarter over quarter and year over year. To make human life multi-planetary by sending people to Mars. In 2017, Elon Musk voiced his commitment to send humans to Mars shortly, with plans for launching a sample 6 passengers – 2 crew and 4 scientists – on a mission as early as 2024. Making BHAGs a part of your operations is the first step toward long-term success.

BHAG examples

They are the goals that will make people feel “we could never reach that” but also inspire them to try. A BHAG (pronounced bee-hag) is a tool for strategy development and goal setting. It’s an ambitious goal that may be difficult to attain, but it’s feasible with the right attitude and effort. Do you know why setting goals for companies is essential?

After reinventing the media landscape with streaming, Netflix set an audacious goal to entertain the world. Determined to revolutionize the streaming industry, the company https://1investing.in/ aims to cater to a diverse global audience, regardless of geographical location. They should resonate deeply with your company’s identity, mission, and core values.

That will allow them to grow and reach the next level of success. This isn’t a BHAG because it isn’t something revolutionary—but they’re still producing amazing content and inspiring people around the world every day. Choosing a BHAG for your organization begins with brainstorming ideas that go beyond what you hope to achieve in the next 10–25 years. You should consider your boldest and most intriguing ideas for the future before starting to work toward finding manageable steps to reach your BHAG. Setting a BHAG slightly beyond the reach of your organization means employees will need to expand their current capabilities to meet those goals. Because the goal is so big, hairy, and audacious, it energizes your employees.

Organizations should strive for BHAGs if they want to grow and become leaders in their industry. This type of goal has many benefits to both the company and those who work within the company. In fact, you need to break down your BHAG into many sub-goals in order to work steadily toward the big picture and measure your progress. These are the type of goals that will have others looking at you like you have lost your mind.

Master Collaborative Goal-Setting for Effective Team Management (with examples)

Create a non-profit that comes up with a cure for a major disease such as Parkinson’s or Arthritis. Turn your art gallery into the best known gallery in the world. One that all the top artists fight to have their pieces displayed it.9. Some of the largest bhag examples companies got their starts on kitchen tables and a BHAG.10. Become a more recognized name than Starbucks or McDonalds. This can also work in other fields by changing it to becoming as recognized a name as McDonald’s in your chosen field.11.

When creating your execution-ready quarterly plan for your 13-week race, you must devote enough energy to keep progressing toward your goal. That brings me to the concept of developing a personal BHAG. We all know that if we do not establish goals and priorities for our personal lives, life just has a way of happening and bringing us along with it.

An internal transformation BHAG usually requires structural and policy changes as well as sustained efforts to bring about significant, enduring change. But it’s a powerful way to align the entire organization toward shared improvement, fostering team pride and cohesion and increasing employee engagement as they contribute to a greater cause. Visionary companies aren’t complacent; they know that the work isn’t done just because they’ve reached a goal. Instead, they have other BHAGs lined up and employ other ways to stimulate progress. Without another BHAG to pursue, they end up becoming stagnant.

Just like stretching a rubber band creates energy, stretching your team also creates energy. Committing to a goal that you don’t know how you will achieve creates an environment of innovation. In addition to energy and innovation, a great BHAG will also provide inspiration. It gives people a vision of what the future might look like if everyone pulls together and gives their individual best to the collective effort.

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